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    Make the Global Pledge in your Classroom !  Since the late 1980's students around the World have been saying the Global Pledge and making this a better, healthier & safer world for all !

Read the Story of the Hundredth Monkey that 

Jerry Schmeer talked about in the Video.

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I Pledge Allegiance to the Planet Earth...

Generations join to save

Planet Earth...


A love of the Earth and all of its Inhabitants

Making a pledge to the Planet Earth is not a new idea. For centuries, people of every color, creed and country  have prayed and pledged to make this a better, healthier and safer world for all.   Unfortunately, war, famine, hate, prejudice, and pain still plague our Planet.   For this, we the adult humans that inhabit this Planet can only blame ourselves.


The Global Pledge was born on the simple idea that our children do not have to take on our hate, or our greed, or our prejudices, or our bad habits and in just one generation truly can make this a better, healthier and safer world for all.


I believe one child CAN change the world,  but I know that millions of children WILL change the world.  This simple Global Pledge; free from political or religious views;  is a wonderful tool to do just that.


Imagine if each day the children of the world woke up not only said the Global Pledge, but made it an important part of their lives.  Then, twenty-four a day; in every timezone;  child would be making and living this Global Pledge.   And, in an Internet connected world, these child will be able to share their ideas; their dreams, and learn more about each other, truly making those Global Connections to build a lasting peace.


Although, the children are clearly the key to lasting change;  we the adults that are leaving them this world must change ourselves, first.

With the days we have left on this Planet ,we must empower our children,  and inspire our children to start on this journey, today




Jerry Schmeer Jr.


A guy who makes things happen

 Pledge to Work for a Better World !

Cape Cod Community College Students promotes a better world for all.

Cape Man thinks globally

Cape Cod Community College Students promotes a better world for all.

Jerry Schmeer publicizes Planetary Slogan

Jerry Schmeer wants more Women to be involve in Politics.

1990's Cape Cod Times Editorial

Stop promoting snf playing games of violence

Cape Cod Community College ~ Mainsheet Editorial


We must Remain Vigilant!!

Police should continue 

Social Media Outreach

Global Pledge

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Jerry Schmeer with Secretary Kerry at the Kennedy Compound!

President Obama 1

President Obama 2

Governor Dukakus

Congressman Studds

President Clinton

President Bush

Vice President Gore

Jerry Schmeer with Senator Kennedy at Rose Kennedy's 100th Birthday Kennedy Compound!

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