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Make the Global Pledge in your Classroom !

Since the late 1980's students around the World have been saying the Global Pledge and making this a better, healthier & safer world for all !

Can I really change the world ?

Yes, you can !


Where do I start, how do I start ?

One of the must powerful tools that humans possess is the power of communication. 

Common Questions about 

The Global Pledge.

Does the "Global Pledge" take the place of the Pledge that we are already saying in the Classroom?


No.  The "Global Pledge" is a supplemental Pledge.   If you are already choosing to make a Pledge to a Flag, or your Country ~ you can continue to do that.   You can make the "Global Pledge" after or before that Pledge, or any time of the day.


Do I have to make the "Global Pledge" to a poster of the Pledge?


No.  The "Global Pledge" can be said anytime and anywhere you want.  You can make the Pledge to a poster, or a photograph of the Earth, or a globe, or out the window, or outside, or anyway you want !  The important thing is to make the Pledge, and to get as many of your friends to make the Pledge with you.


Do I have to make the "Global Pledge" at school?


No.  You can make the "Global Pledge" at school, at home, or any time you want.  You can say the Pledge out loud or you can say the Pledge to yourself.


Can our class change the words of the "Global Pledge" to our own words?


The power of the "Global Pledge" is that everyone around the world; 24 hours a day; is making the same pledge.  The pledge is short and simple so it can easily be said in all languages and easily translated. The words of the Pledge have been carefully chosen to include all people, all animals, all plants, and all things that love and make the Planet Earth their home.

From the days of the first cave paintings, to the first spoken words, humans have found that with just these two simple tools they could share their stories and adventures with others and others could now learn from their experiences. 


Living in these modern times, you are very fortunate.  Never in the history of the world has there been so many easy ways to communicate with others around the world; you can email, create videos, contact world leaders, write editorials to newspapers and magazines, create your own blog, share with you friends on all kinds of Social Networks, and you still can still communicate with one of the very best tools; write letters and mail them ! 

With these tools you have great power. 


You have the power to connect with other human beings that may have the very same interest that you have.  Together you can do so much more !


Why should we connect with others around the world ?


Joined together in a common goal we are stronger.  


No matter how large the task we decide to take on,  when we all work together with cooperation, we are much stronger than being on our own, and we have a much better chance of achieving our goal.


Joined together in a common goal we

are smarter. 

The Global Pledge - Connections

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